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Windalarm Zuidoost Event

Protestdemonstratie op zaterdag 22 mei om 14:00 op het Anton de Komplein

Everyone wants to pass this earth to their children in a good way. That's why it's so important we generate more and more green energy. We have to do this the right way and in the right places. Zuidoost is nót the right place for mega windmills: the health of our local residents is at stake. The City Council has plans to build mega windmills in and around Bullewijk, Holendrecht, Reigersbos, Gein, Driemond and Kantershof. We think they are situated far too close to residential areas and that's why we protest against these plans. They produce a lot of noise that disturbs people.



- These enormous windmills are planned within 1500m or even within 500m of our neighbourhoods!

- Mega windmills cause serious noise disturbance for many local residents up until 1500m away.

- Residents who live near these enormous windmills report sleeping problems, heightened stress, fatigue and difficulty concentrating.

- The windmills are planned directly next to or in our recreational areas: the beaches at Gaasperplas, Hoge Dijk and at the Diemerbos.

- Being at home or outside will never be the same: playing outside, swimming or barbecuing will be seriously affected by the noise.


The protest will take place four days before the council meeting. Zuidoost, stand up and raise your voice. It's now or never. Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights!


Support us and proptest with us on Saturday May yhe 22nd, Anton de Komplein, 14:00hr 

Iedereen wil deze aarde op een goede manier doorgeven aan zijn kinderen. Daarom is het belangrijk dat we steeds meer groene energie gaan opwekken. Dat moet wel op de juiste manier gebeuren en op de goede plekken. Zuidoost is géén goede plek voor megawindmolens: de gezondheid van de bewoners staat op het spel. De gemeente heeft plannen om megawindmolens bij Bullewijk, Holendrecht, Reigersbos, Gein, Driemond en Kantershof te bouwen. Wij vinden dat ze véél te dicht bij de mensen worden neergezet en daarom protesteren wij hiertegen. Megawindturbines produceren veel geluid en slagschaduw, dat voor bewoners bijzonder verstorend is.
- Deze megawindmolens staan gepland binnen 1500m of zelfs binnen 500m van onze woonwijken!
- Megawindmolens veroorzaken ernstige geluidsoverlast bij heel veel bewoners tot wel 1500m verderop.
- Bewoners in de buurt van grote windmolens melden slaapproblemen, stress, vermoeidheid en concentratieproblemen.
- De windmolens komen direct naast of zelfs ín onze recreatiegebieden te staan: de strandjes bij Gaasperplas, Hoge Dijk en het Diemerbos
- Thuis en buiten verdwijnt de rust: lekker buiten spelen, zwemmen of barbecueën zullen nooit meer hetzelfde zijn.
De demonstratie is vier dagen vóór de gemeenteraadsvergadering. Zuidoost, sta op en laat je horen. Het is nú of nooit. Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights!

Steun ons en kom in actie op zaterdag 22 mei op het Anton de Komplein, 14.00 uur. 



Are you aware that the city of Amsterdam is planning to put up mega-wind turbines in the Diemerbos, in the Gaasperplas beach area and near the Hoge Dijk swimming beach?

Probably not, because the city has neglected to inform the inhabitants of Zuidoost.

Instead, they have been maintaining that there is a substantial support base for mega-wind turbines in Amsterdam Zuidoost and that there is hardly any opposition to these plans here. In actual fact, most people in Zuidoost have never heard of these plans or think that it won’t be such a big deal.

But it is going to be a very big deal indeed!


Distance to residential areas

The mega wind turbines of 146 metres tall will be installed at a distance of only 350 metres from family homes: this distance is the city’s decision and is based on an assumed average noise level of 47dB per year.

BUT: the advice of a noise expert (dr. ir. De Laat) is to employ a distance of at least ten times the height of the tower at a noise level of 35dB, which would be 1000 metres, and near open water (such as the Gaasperplas), 1.5 times the height: 1500 metres!


Noise pollution

The Netherlands has a noise level regulation norm of 47 dB average per year.

BUT: many other countries assume a noise level of 42 dB. The rule ‘ten times the tower height’ applies to a noise level of 35 dB. The Dutch norm shows a high underestimation of the noise pollution.

With the Dutch regulation, a maximum of 9% of the residents would experience noise-induced annoyance inside and 20% outside their homes; which is 1 in 5 residents.

BUT: the Dutch norm is based on windturbines of 120 metres tall. Research in Finland into windturbines of 150 metres or higher shows that up to 42 dB the noise pollution equals the Dutch norm, but that noise-induced annoyance sharply increases with higher noise levels. At a level of 47dB, 17% of residents experience severe annoyance inside their homes, which is 1 in 6 people, almost twice as many as the Dutch norm assumes. Noise pollution by wind turbines creates almost as much annoyance as air traffic.



Despite the obvious noise pollution, the city of Amsterdam remains silent on the subject of adverse health effects, as if these were non-existent.

BUT: The World Health Organization calls wind turbine noise an important danger to public health and advises a stricter noise level norm (42 dB) than the Dutch norm (47 dB). It is a well-known fact that sleep deprivation may lead to hypertension, depression, overweight, and diabetes. These illnesses occur most frequently in densely populated, poorer neighbourhoods. Especially in Zuidoost, overweight and diabetes are common, which will only increase with the installation of mega wind turbines. Cardiovascular diseases also seem to be more prevalent in Zuidoost. And in children whose brains are in development, learning deficits and behavioural problems will occur more frequently.



The city invests in parks, such as the Gaasperplaspark, and claims to understand the importance of green spaces for Amsterdammers’ relaxation, sports, walking. Yet the decision of installing them at 350 metres from residents’ homes means in practice that mega wind turbines will be put up in Amsterdam Zuidoost’s green spaces: the Diemerbos, near the Gaasperplas and at the Hoge Dijk swimming beach.

BUT: things such as enjoying a swim and a picnic with the kids, going for a walk, or having a bbq will never ever be quiet and relaxing again in the proximity of these mega windturbines. Moreover, an area of more than 2 square kilometres would have to be cleared to create a building site for huge lorries and cranes. Destruction of flora and fauna for a long time to come.


We cannot escape the conclusion that:


  • The city of Amsterdam gives a much higher priority to the installation of mega windturbines than to the health of its residents and takes for granted that the inhabitants of Zuidoost, who already struggle with poverty, obesity, and diabetes, run an increased risk of illness, arrested development and other adverse health effects.
  • The city of Amsterdam considers the installation of mega wind turbines more important than the effects of noise-induced annoyance inside the home for 1 in 6 residents within a radius of 1500 metres from mega wind turbines.
  • The city of Amsterdam works with outdated and internationally too high noise level norms, apparently in order to justify their choice of a distance of 350 metres.
  • The city of Amsterdam does not oppose sacrificing valuable green spaces, especially vital for inhabitants in Zuidoost, even if  this clashes with Amsterdam’s strategy of sustainable ‘greening’ of the town. 


Inhabitants of Zuidoost: it is time to wake up before it is too late. On May 26th the city council will decide about the installation of mega wind turbines. Once put up, they will never be taken down: permanent serious noise hinder for thousands of inhabitants of Zuidoost; increased risk of illness, arrested developmental in children, loss of valuable green spaces. This will never go away!

Mega wind turbines have no place near residential areas or in green spaces that are so important for people’s wellbeing.

They belong in the sea or in areas where the noise will not affect people.






Please join forces with us, use your personal network to appeal to your friends to sign the petition on



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